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      ABOUT US

      Company Overview
      Company Overview

      Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(XMC), a leading semiconductor R&D and manufacturing company, was founded in Wuhan, China in 2006. XMC has been committed to providing its global customers innovative products and technical services with high quality by focusing on NOR Flash and Wafer-level XtackingTM technology.

      XMC has been providing professional 300mm foundry service to customers since 2008. In NOR Flash industry, XMC has accumulated more than ten years of manufacturing experience and is one of the leading NOR Flash wafer manufacturers in China and the world. In 2017, XMC began to focus on IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer) strategy and launched its self-owned brand integrating product design, wafer fabrication and product sales, and is devoted to developing cost-effective SPI NOR Flash products.

      XtackingTM technology is world's leading wafer-level 3D IC technology platform which is independently developed by XMC. The company began to develop its XtackingTM technology since 2012 and is the first wafer manufacturer of image sensor by adopting TSV technology in China. With years of mass production experience, the CMOS image sensor developed based on XtackingTM platform combines the advantages of high performance, low power consumption and high integration and is widely used in China's smartphone market. Currently, XtackingTM technology platform has introduced TSV, Hybrid Bonding and Multi-Wafer Stacking technologies to offer customers highly flexible and innovative wafer-level 3D IC technology solutions.

      XMC has always adhered to rigorous quality control and ESH management, and is certified with various international standard, such as IATF16949, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, QC080000, and SS-00259.

      As a core company of Unigroup, XMC will integrate the resources of Group and industry chain partners and make full use of its own advantages, endeavoring to provide products and solutions of high performance, high reliability, low power consumption and high cost-performance to its global customers.